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1860 – 80’s Signature Album Block Antique Vintage Quilt Top – Fascinating Study Project – #1


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This is a fascinating signed 1860 – 80’s ALBUM, CHIMNEY SWEEP or CHRISTIAN CROSS – #3266 BB, Antique Quilt Top in chocolate, double pink, madder brown and fugitive purple.
I purchased this top during 2002 from a seller living in Central Iowa: USA….it measures 64” x 91”.

There are 35 x hand pieced Chimney Sweep Blocks each measuring 10” x 10”….these have then been sewn together by hand.
The maker used 3” wide plain white muslin sashing strips to join her blocks together, surrounding her top on all four sides with borders of the same fabric.

The blocks have been signed with an ink that has all but eroded many of the signatures which was a common problem back then….thankfully you can still read the signatures in at least a third of the blocks.
I see signatures for Mrs Eunice B. Leach, Mrs Amanda Pratt, Miss Eliza Morse, Mrs Emma J. Leighton, Mrs Angela Davy, Mr Oscar I. Whitman and others.
Now the block that really fascinates me is one pieced by perhaps Mrs Sophronia Whitman using a civil war print featuring a soldier, cannon and flag….she has even gone to the pain of appliqueing extra figures from the same fabric onto her block!
Incidentally this fabric has been reproduced by both Pam Weeks & Mary Fons within the last decade.

This would make a fascinating research project: firstly to work out the purpose for which this quilt top was made and also the area from which these ladies lived….all the names are ‘Mrs’ (except one)….was this done in memory of those lost or serving in the war perhaps?

I don’t believe this top was ever finished into a quilt and is in fact in very good condition for age….the seams and fabrics are strong on the whole: so the only issue is with the signature patches as mentioned plus an issue at one corner – see photo.
There is minimal staining and I didn’t note any significant odours.
This would be an extremely rewarding restoration and research project….if I were to keep this top I would firstly decipher the signatures – writing them again on muslin to applique over the original ones….hence preserving those underneath for future historians. I would then complete the research necessary to solve this puzzle!

If you have any questions re this quilt top then please message me and I will do my best to answer them.
Remember this item is around 100 years old and is not in perfect condition….please see all photos and read the description to avoid disappointment.
This comes from a non-smoking household with no pets coming into contact with the quilts.
I am very happy to combine shipping to save you on postage.

I will take returns for any reason so please message me if you have any issues or problems with your order.


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