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Interesting 1900s Crazy Vintage Antique Quilt Top with Fascinating Odd Fellows Flag Backing!


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This is a really interesting handmade CRAZY patterned patchwork vintage quilt top that has been foundation pieced by hand….the maker has then hand embroidered around each patch in featherstitch stitch using embroidery cotton.
The top measures 73″ x 86” and was purchased during 2003 from Michigan: USA.

The overall colour palette of this quilt top is red, white and blue….the crazy blocks are made from a wide variety of plaid and solid fabrics including many indigo and cadet blues, claret and Turkey reds, plaids and checks plus various shirting fabrics.
There are also some pieced blocks used….I spotted an eight pointed star, double T and fan blocks as well as an indigo and white pinwheel / orange peel block.

It’s the foundation backing cloth that fascinates me….the maker used repurposed clothing – (see fadelines from pockets), various feedsacks and advertising cloths or flags.
In particular there is one that reads ‘Vote Shrote For Sherriff’ then another with a large eye motif and words reading ‘Pax Aut Bellum’….which I found means ‘Peace or War’.
Research tells me that this is ay reference to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows as I can see on another section the I.O.O.F with the 3 links of Odd Fellowship: F.L.T (Friendship, Love and Truth) plus the All Seeing Eye, Lamb and Lion!
It would be interesting to know if this was a flag or banner….but I will leave further studies to the purchaser!

I don’t believe this quilt was ever finished into a quilt as I can’t see any evidence of tiny tie holes but there is edge wear in places so perhaps it was either laundered or used or displayed as is?
The main damage is to the Double T block which would require repair….this can be done quite easily by repiecing the block and then reattaching it to the base foundation which is still strong.
Overall the colours are bright, fabrics and stitching strong with no odours evident and just a few minor surface stains.
This would be a really easy restoration: this charming piece would look gorgeous hung on display, thrown over a rail, end of the bed or back of a couch to make a lovely display.
But to me it’s true worth is the fascinating backing that was used and as such would make a great study project!

If you have any questions re this quilt top then please message me and I will do my best to answer them.
Remember this item is around 100 years old and is not in perfect condition….please see all photos and read the description to avoid disappointment.
This comes from a non-smoking household with no pets coming into contact with the quilts.
I am very happy to combine shipping to save you on postage.

I will take returns for any reason so please message me if you have any issues or problems with your order.


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