Fandy Dandy Tulips – Free Applique Pattern

19th Century Fandy Dandy Tulips Block


Fandy Dandy Tulips block.....ask and you shall receive lol.
Last week I shared some photos on Instagram of this gorgeous antique applique quilt block I found on eBay back in 2000.
I was asked if/when I was planning to draft a pattern.
Well here it is......Fandy Dandy Tulips Block.......shared as a FREE pattern!

Detail showing neat stitches of the Fandy Dandy Tulips block

The maker has used the neatest teeny-tiny applique stitches all done in the same cream coloured cotton thread.
So why then do we spend so much time agonising over the perfect match of thread to fabric?

The area of the design itself measures 13” x 17” - this has been appliqued to a cream muslin background measuring approximately 20” x 20”.

Narrow 3/16th bias strips used for Fandy Dandy Tulips block

Let's just take a minute to check out those narrow bias strip stems......measuring a mere 3/16ths of an inch in width.
I bow down in your memory.....seriously woman - that’s totally insane!

Note ‘that green’ - the overdyed or double green that crops up anywhere from the second quarter of the 19th century all the way thru until 1970……aka Ely & Walker green.
I feel it in my waters that this block was pieced around the 1870's.

Teeny-tiny applique stitches as viewed from the back.

Okay while we are busy admiring her beautiful neat applique stitches from the front, let's also check them from the back.
Because we always do that right?
I have enlarged the detail of the bows on the right and remember they are but a little more than half an that is the total mother-load of teeny tiny stitches right there!
Make sure you enlarge the photo to admire her talent.

Fandy Dandy Tulips duo side-by-side

I drafted this block the exact same size as the original quilt block.

I did however fix her glitch - can you spot it?
Hint.......look at the bows and ribbon on the left hand side then compare those to the ones on the right.
Do you think she maybe got a little lost.....and more importantly WHEN do you think she noticed?

The pattern is available as a FREE PDF digital download.
Click on this link Fandy Dandy Tulips Pattern to find your pattern.
You will receive a full size black & white pattern for tracing - this is in 4 sections that will need to be taped together after printing.
I have also included the six templates required to make your own Fandy Dandy Tulips block.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure when printing your PDF pages that you select “Actual Size” or “100%”.

Detail showing the 3/16th inch bias strips used for stems of Fandy Dandy Tulips block

You will need approx. 95” of bias strips for the stems and ribbons finished to your desired width.
As mentioned the original bias strips are 3/16th”.

There are no directions included: so use your favourite applique construction method whether that be needle turn, back basting, machine or fused applique etc.

For excellent videos & instructions re the back basting method check out Jeana Kimball on both
her website
and also instagram profile

Fandy Dandy Tulips

Wouldn’t this make a fabulous medallion block!?
It could also be a really fun sew-along.
I plan to stitch my own Fandy Dandy Tulips block in the New Year and will put up an instagram post to gauge interest.
Meanwhile please feel free to get a head start if you are looking for a new project before Christmas.

If you would like to share your progress on Instagram please use the hashtag #fandydandytulipsblock and also tag me I would love to see your blocks.


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